Solution for Private Banks

Many of the needs of Private Banks’ Internal Asset Managers are the same as those of standalone Wealth Managers. Though not designed to support bank-specific processes, ClearVision represents a very powerful tool for data aggregation (including data from competing banks), data analysis and reporting.  Our software permits multi-criteria and multi-dimensional investments breakdown, corresponding performance attribution and a solid array of risk metrics including Value at Risk. As far as reporting goes, our solution allows the creation of bespoke report templates which can integrate any data analysis screen, and which can be produced in batches.

ClearVision is also of strategic importance in acquiring competitive advantage in the race to retaining External Asset Managers' long term loyalty: in a world where private banks are under a growing pressure of asset managers leaving and have few tools to defend themselves, number one priority is to make sure the leaving managers keep the banks as custodians of assets. Our team can help you secure this thanks to its extensive experience in building custodian data interfaces (more than 25 to date) and expertise in data quality.